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The Yoga Space - Nelson, New Zealand, NZ

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56 Waimea Road Nelson NZ

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Welcome to the Yoga Space, YogaNelson

Our Yoga studio is located in the heart of Nelson City, New Zealand.
We have a spacious, warm and fully-equipped studio. We are dedicated and experienced practitioners and teachers  We have a timetable with classes through the week that are suitable for both beginners and more experienced practitioners. We teach a strong hatha yoga flow underpinned by our understanding of Ashtanga as detailed in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. Ashtanga in this context is an Eight-Fold path providing instruction on how to live a purposeful, healthy, and joyful life, and lies at the heart of our approach to teaching yoga.

                             updated 14th May  2018

Foundations of Balance Workshop
with Franki Sunday 13th May 9.00am. Cost $30 - you can pay online to account 12-3057-0055890-01 -please put your name in reference. for more detail

Next Beginners Course - 30 Essential Yoga Poses                                                                   Date to be decided soon.
Covering in detail all the key postures - Basically ALL the yoga you'll ever need! We'll look at the principles underlying all yoga postures - vinyasa flow, alignment, breathing, and sequencing.
Cost $60 - you can pay online to account 12-3057-0055890-01 -please put your name in reference. for more detail
Long Guided Relaxation       At the end of every Saturday morning class we have an optional extra 20 minute relaxation.  Experience total relaxation, becoming lighter than air.

    Special Offer Yoga Flow 5 for $50 Deal                                               Wednesdays 5.45pm-7.00, and Saturdays 9.00am - 10.30am.  Open to all.  Just $50 for 5 consecutive yoga flow classes; begin whenever you want.  Wednesday is ideal introductory class if you've never done any yoga before, Saturday a bit more challenging.
Mindfulness Coaching                                                                                                                          

 Mindfulness contributes to leading a more fulfilled life. By focusing on the here and now we are less likely to get caught up worrying about the future or regretting the past. Private sessions are available in which you will acquire a toolbox of techniques to develop your mindfulness in everyday life.  Rod's Counselling web site

Daily Meditations for Mindfulness - special Offer - 20% off Rod's  latest mp3 audio                 Deepen your mindfulness with these 5 guided practices, each covering a different aspect of awareness and acceptance. for more detail


Ashtanga Audio

A led class for those who would enjoy being talked through the Ashtanga sequence of postures at home. "I love it. I use it for home practice and it has made me a lot more disciplined. Great idea!" Sasha Ripley  >> more details