Rod Watson - Yoga Teacher

The Yoga Space - Nelson, New Zealand, NZ

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56 Waimea Rd Nelson NZ

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Our Yoga at The Yoga Space, YogaNelson

We are experienced practitioners and teachers of the Ashtanga and other traditions of yoga including Iyengar, Hatha, and Vinyasa Flow. Our sequences are influenced by all these styles as well as Alexander technique and modern sports science stretching.

Ashtanga Flow Yoga

Our aim is to integrate the Buddhist psychology of mindfulness into the practice of yoga .  This will lead to increased presence in everyday life, and is the key to improving our quality of life.  We practice a dynamic sequence of postures in a continuous flow, with movement linked to breathing.  

We've developed a number of flowing sequences suited to the Western physique and the physical issues that arise from Western movement habits, especially the extended periods of sitting.  Our emphasis for the body is on the cultivation of strength, flexibility,  stamina, and body mindfulness.Our vinyasa or flow sequences focus on different areas of the body and aim to provide a complete fitness regime.

Our focus for the mind is on the development of awareness, in particular mindfulness of body and feeling.     

The main components are:
vinyasa - sychronising breath and movement to keep heat in the body and build stamina.
bandhas - 'muscular locks' to protect the body, and generate and control the flow of energy.
breathing - ujjayi, 'ocean' or 'victorious'  breath, to empower our movements and develop concentration.
dristi - gaze points to develop strong  attention and aid mindfulness.

In combination these four elements create a powerful practice generating internal heat and circulating a vital energy throughout the body, strengthening and purifying the nervous system.

Benefits of Ashtanga Flow Yoga:


Private tuition -also available. Contact Rod: