Rod Watson - Yoga Teacher

The Yoga Space - Nelson, New Zealand, NZ

@Chapman Employment      
56 Waimea Road Nelson NZ

Contact: 03 545 1668
              021 0255 6765

Courses at The Yoga Space, YogaNelson      

New Beginners Course - 30 Essential Yoga Poses                                                                   began Tuesday 9th May 2017 at 5.45pm to 7.00pm.  Feel free to join in, or next course begins 15th August 2017.
Covering in detail all the key postures - Basically ALL the yoga you'll ever need!  Seriously, we'll be exploring how much yoga we need:
 * to feel at ease in our bodies
 * have a strong core

 * have a greater than average range of motion and flexibility
  * protect our back, neck and knees                                                                                                                             
We'll look at the principles underlying all yoga postures - principles of movement, alignment, breathing, and sequencing.
Cost $70 - you can pay online to account 12-3057-0055890-01 -please put your name in reference. for more detail

Mindfulness in Everyday Life                                          A practical introduction to the benefits of mindfulness for your life. Anyone looking to improve their quality of life and willing to put some new ideas into practice is welcome. 6 week course. Next course dates are not yet scheduled.  Contact me if you are interested.
 $100 includes guided mp3 mindfulness meditations.

For more detail click here.