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Rod qualified initially as an Iyengar yoga teacher in 1992, and moved on to ashtanga yoga after taking an inspiring course with Derek Ireland. He finds ashtanga challenging and immensely rewarding - "it is a strong physical practice and its emphasis on breathwork links into my psychological and spiritual practices of psychotherapy and meditation".

His main influences have been John Scott and Donna Farhi. He's completed teacher training courses with both John Scott and David Swenson and has also worked with most of the other leading exponents of ashtanga yoga.

Through his teaching he would like to share his love of yoga and spread the message that it is great physical exercise and can be so much more.

He works with students at all levels of experience.

He has been a practicing psychotherapist for the past eight years – click here to see his psychotherapy website:


titthibhasana B


I began yoga in 1997 with Iyengar classes. A year later I was inspired by the flowing sequence of asanas and focus on breath of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga.

​My practice is continually evolving. ​After having completed Donna Farhi's advanced yoga teacher training in 2008 I began including developmental movement patterns and engaging with the different bodily systems within my yoga practice and teaching. More recently I have been ​study and ​exploring  movement patterns from the Alexander Technique  and including them within my yoga instructions.

​Over the years I have been privileged to work and study with John Scott, Rod Watson, Richard Freeman, Gerry Kielty, Liz Lark, Marika Cominos, Donna Farhi and Marcia Monroe. ​
Through my teachers' guidance I have come to understand the multi-faceted nature of yoga. Yoga keeps me strong and flexible physically through my asana practice, and promotes my spiritual, psychological and emotional well-being.

Yoga is not just for the fit and flexible. Teaching yoga  at an age care facility and with children with disabilities has shown that everyone who wants to benefit from yoga can!


Nikki trained for two years intensively with internationally renowned Ashtanga  teacher John Scott. Nikki gazing to her third eye in Kukuttasana
Nikki gazing to third eye in Kukuttasana


Sue teaches vinyasa flow. In her classes she uses the breath to link postures together and create a beautiful organic flow, with body, mind and breath in harmony.  She began her yoga journey in 1990 and started teaching in 1996.  Her practice has evolved over the years, and she has synthesised her various trainings and experiences into a flowing garland of postures which release deeply stored tensions from the body.
"I love teaching yoga and being able to share the many benefits that yoga can offer.  Yoga offers physical and emotional support for so many different circumstances and situations".


I love the yang energy and flow of  power yoga   and I love the yin energy of going within to reconnect with self. Combining these two approaches comes our power to do and to be. It is my desire at this time to facilitate the process of connection, using my knowledge of bio mechanics, together with my love and experience  of yoga; to create a moment of beauty.


Smiles, love, hugs and warmth to you all. See you on the mat! Namaste.


I started my yoga journey in Nelson initially practising Iyengar  many moons ago. Since 2007 when I began practising with Rod Watson I have had a committed Ashtanga yoga practice and am  currently in an Intensive Practitioner training journey with senior teacher Dena Kinsberg. Through yoga I have found a foundational strength in my life that gives me courage, clarity and vibrant health. Thanks to Rod's confidence in my ability to guide others in the practice and his mentoring, teaching has become a natural extension of my own practice and sharing yoga in this way gives me great joy. A month in Mysore at the Shri K Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute was further inspiration.  I generally teach a traditional, led Ashtanga sequence.

My work as a Medical Herbalist combined with the recent experience of co-producing a documentary about climate justice, and yoga, inspire my interest in the interplay of health, emotion, energy and nature. How do we stay strong and well in these challenging times? I feel that embracing a daily practice, such as yoga, can be a great stabiliser for our busy, often chaotic, lives.


Yoga Arts in Byron Bay, Australia, offered a nine month intensive teacher training which I completed in 2001. I hold the Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher 500 hours Certificate. I returned to the UK where I was born & raised, & began teaching.
I later continued my studies with my Ashtanga teacher from the course, Matthew Sweeney, & undertook an apprenticeship assisting him in workshops in Europe, Australia & Singapore. Over the years I have been drawn to Satyananda, Iyengar & Ashtanga yoga. My teaching is influenced by these styles although my own practice & joy is Asthanga Vinyasa Yoga.

The term Yoga has emerged in my life when I was about 14 years old. My curious nature had brought me to all parts of the world over the years and I was lucky enough to create the term "Yoga"- into a Lifestyle. Since then, Yoga has blessed me with miracles in my world, such as the essence of feeling grounded, the appreciation of the present moment and the breath being my primary guide. The gift of helping others on their Yoga path is the biggest reward for me...


My exploring spirit had also taken me to India where I was guided by local Yogi's and with their guidance I completed two 200hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training courses. Since then my practice and the way of my teaching has been inspired by some outstanding Iyengar, Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga teachers. The physiology & anatomy part has been backed up by the Diploma in Sport Science I have just completed and currently started to do the Degree in the same field.